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In a concealed area deep in the deserts of Nevada, sits a conspiracy ridden government base, “Area 51”. The infinite secrecy surrounding this base has made it a frequent subject in conspiracy theories. Rumors of harbored aliens and horrific experiments are common talk of Area 51. After the sighting of an unidentified flying object that landed at Area 51, the government had no choice but to provide an explanation. Despite what was told to the public, you know there is more to the story.


As you travel along “Extraterrestrial Highway” and make your way up to the borders surrounding this base, you come upon an unsecured entrance. Now’s your chance to Storm Area 51. Sneaking your way through the base, you discover unexplainable sounds, smells, and alien type beings. Suddenly, the sirens begin to blare. Did the government find out you have entered this restricted base, or are the aliens taking over? Your mission is to find the truth; they can’t stop us all.


The most anticipated music festival in the nation, Eeriepalooza has opened its doors to eager festival goers around the world. The event lies on the grounds of what formerly belonged to a family ran farm with a disturbing past. The lost tradition of carnivals once held on their property for decades was seized due to the carnivals menacing clowns that frightened the town. As years went by and the family insinuated their disappearance, Eeriepalooza took over the land, and enthusiastically started the largest festival of all time. Little did they know that the family was out to seek revenge.


As you scramble your way through the shudder-some basement, filled to the brim with remnants of now wasted belongings, you come in contact with creatures lurking in your pathway out. The only light guiding you through this dark and twisted building comes from the radioactive waste that has turned the inhabitants into the creatures you see before your eyes. Find your way out before you suffer the same fate as these stalkers.


An abandoned rundown asylum, once known for the horrendous mistreatment of patients, has been left  as a crumbling ruin on the outskirts of town. You enter the institution, overcome with the unnerving feeling of being watched. The only barrier between you and the insane patients is a single flickering flashlight, controlled by the institution itself. Will you escape or become the next victim of this forgotten madhouse?


Burrowed deep in the bayou is an old rustic cabin, overgrown with vines and moss and half buried in the muck. It’s easy to miss, and trust me you should. It’s known locally as the Grindhouse a place inhabited by the most beastly and primitive killers imaginable. Strange how the tales get told of of brutal slayings, dismemberments and desperate screams because anyone who ventures near the Grindhouse never returns home again.

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